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What are essential oils?

Essential Oils, which are produced through the distillation process, are concentrated plant extracts that hold the natural aroma of their source. Each essential oil has a unique composition of constituents, and this variation affects the smell, absorption, and outcome of our physical and emotional well-being.

These beauties hold all the goodness that allows a plant to repair itself and live healthily. As they pass through our tissues and cells they have the

same wonderful effect on us. How cool is that? Because we are all so quirky and unique in how we are made, just like plants, oils will work on all of us just a bit differently. Never fear, Young Living has provided us with so many different oil options that something will be the perfect fit for you.

Three ways to use your essential oils

Topical Application


Essential oil molecules are super small in size so that means they are able to pass through our skin into the bloodstream and work their magic.

It takes just 2 minutes for essential oils to enter the blood stream and they can be found in every cell of the body within 20 minutes. Some oils can be blended with a carrier oil. What's a carrier oil? It's a base oil that is used to dilute your essential oils. Carrier oils are fattier which means your essential oil will be absorbed slower. Each carrier oil has a different added benefit.


Inhalation / Diffusing


When any fragrance is inhaled it triggers nerve cell impulses in our olfactory bulb, which is directly connected to the Limbic lobe. As a result, the chemical constituents in the essential oils have the capacity to affect how we feel and process emotions. This means that when you are about to lose your patience, a long deep inhale or two straight from the bottle, a drop on the palm of your hand or a few drops in your diffuser can have a fast effect on how you cope with the situation. It's not magic, it's science. Oils are great for mood lifting, calming, energizing and focus too.




Cooking with essential oils brings a whole new level of WoW to your cooking. There are 38 oils that can be used to add delicious flavour and depth to our kitchen creations.  Organically grown herbs and spices

don't always have good shelf life and often go to waste. Enjoy all the wonderful benefits without the waste. You can add them to your beverages, cocktails, smoothies, Juices, hot drinks, salad dressings,

dips, curries, you name it, the uses are unlimited.

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Seed To Seal

What is our Seed to Seal Standard?


Seed to Seal is our set of standards that helps ensure that with every pure essential oil and Young Living product your family uses, you are enjoying the benefits of global resources, industry leadership and over two decades of innovation.  Learn more at

Young Living's Range

Young Living have formulated ranges for safe use on babies, children and pets.


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